2 months ago

Stormy sunset — Lake Tahoe (July 2014)

"Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life." —Omar Khayyam

These words help capture the incredible whirlwind of the past few weeks. Highlights involved cathartic summits, rooftops overlooking Manhattan, s’mores made on fire features, and hours of good-for-the-soul conversations with deep body-shaking laughter.

From the “mundane” to new experiences, there were constant reminders that time past and miles apart are no match for true connections and experiences together.

Grateful for profound examples that love is what matters and can really conquer all…even rainy, stormy afternoons!

4 months ago

Magnolia blossoms — Washington DC (April 2014)

"We acquire the strength we have overcome." —Ralph Waldo Emerson

The city has fully transitioned to summer, complete with its signature humidity, heat lightening, and thunderstorms. Most will disagree, but I occasionally appreciate moments when the warm heat envelops you; it can be comforting…to a point!

After this week, particularly grateful for family, love, friends-who-are-family, and laughter. Deeply appreciating quality time and *good* moments.

7 months ago

Basking in tonight’s golden hour — Lake Tahoe

Relishing every minute of this energizing, blissful Saturday!  Particularly enjoyed scrambling along the shoreline to capture the lake’s beautiful reflections at sunset.  Cannot wait for many more (long!) evenings this summer, celebrating Tahoe’s splendor with family and friends.

1 year ago

Already missing DC — perfect way to spend the last few weeks of summer; excited to see the seasons change in the Sierras!

1 year ago

Air Force Memorial on a beautiful summer day in the DC area

1 year ago

Never tire of the drive to Carson, especially on a gorgeous Tahoe summer day

Wisps of clouds on a beautiful Tahoe summer day — Happy Friday!

1 year ago

Summer fun on the rolling pier - Lake Tahoe

Pier 111 — gorgeous day on Lake Tahoe

1 year ago

Lifeguard stand on Lake Tahoe

1 year ago

Stunning view for dinner — much needed evening; cannot get over Tahoe’s beauty - love discovering new perspectives of the lake

1 year ago

Rolling waves along Lake Tahoe as the sun sets — very needed perspective today (first #instavideo)

1 year ago

4th of July decorations around Incline Village — feeling very lucky today

1 year ago

Nothing says summer like a pair of Rainier cherries

1 year ago

…sunsets - oh, those summer nights!

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