9 months ago

First time eating sea urchin (uni) during a celebratory food adventure at Ichi Sushi — San Francisco

Unbelievable experience eating sashimi at the bar, trying new things. Fitting end to a laughter-filled day with many reminders that adventures are present in daily moments with the best of friends. From errands to culinary firsts, it was a perfect birthday-week kickoff.

So very grateful.

1 year ago

Gorgeous SF day — perfect new view; look forward to visiting again and again!

1 year ago

Three Babes pop-up delights at Dandelion Chocolate - Mission —- incredible

2 years ago

Afternoon delights at Philz Coffee - always first stop in SF!

2 years ago

Sunny days in SF are breathtaking…must be the combination of blue sky and palm trees - Mission (Taken with instagram)

2 years ago

Hunky Jesus Easter Sunday at Dolores Park - San Francisco (Taken with instagram)

2 years ago

Clarion Alley (Taken with instagram)

Clarion Alley art - Mission, San Francisco (Taken with instagram)

Favorite piece - amazing silhouette 

Mission Bikes - Mission (Taken with instagram)

Hella Free Education - Mission street art (Taken with instagram)

Ritual Coffee - Mission (Taken with instagram)

California Gold grilled cheese with prosciutto - Mission Cheese (Taken with instagram)

Bi-Rite Creamery line sign (Taken with instagram)

First time waiting in line for the famous creamery in the Mission - worth it, even in freezing temperatures — need to try the soft-serve they offer next door, too!

2 years ago

Bi-Rite Creamery takeout for Valentine’s Day - roasted banana, cinnamon with snickerdoodle crumbs, Ritual coffee toffee, burnt sugar with cardamom — delicious SF first! (Taken with instagram)

2 years ago

Heart baked into homemade flatbread from organic starter during Starter Workshop at La Victoria Bakery  - Sour Flour, San Francisco (Taken with instagram)

Really fun afternoon learning how to make sourdough bread from a starter (flour & water!)  Delicious results plus a take-home starter for additional experimentation!

Did you know sourdough bread not only comes from SF, but is so good here because of the climate?  The bacteria in the starter that gives it the “sour” flavor thrives here in NorCal.  Just another reason this is a great city :)

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