8 months ago

Twinkling lights from our tree among (new) trees — Lake Tahoe

Sending happiest holiday wishes to all! So thankful for family and friends, particularly for the deep love and support during a crazy transition.

Christmas Day (and week) was filled with U-Haul runs, countless boxes, meals without flooring, and no thermostat — but MOST of all, there was laughing, listening to holiday music, cooking, reminiscing, and invigorating running with the moving.

Tonight, there is much contentment, gratitude, and love.


Tumblr friends: Thank you for your messages and support! Please excuse my slow replies and not being able to regularly check my dash. I hope to catch up individually and return to “normal” posting/”Tumbling” in 2014 once things are a little more settled.


Very thankful for a December (and winter!) filled with travel, family, moving, and holidays…and looking forward to some calmer days, sipping coffee, in the year ahead!

12 months ago

DC skyline (and Washington Monument) from the plane

1 year ago

City lights twinkle below as the Bay Bridge glitters in the distance — good night, San Francisco

2 years ago

Water show in front of Epcot (Taken with instagram)

2 years ago

Pacman in lights - Exploratorium (Taken with instagram)

2 years ago

Family adventure: bowling! - Bethesda Bowlmor (Taken with instagram)

2 years ago

Favorite (lighted) tree in Monarch Beach (Taken with instagram)

2 years ago 2 years ago

Moon rising over bay - San Francisco (Taken with instagram)

2 years ago

(Slightly fuzzy) view of downtown from Corona Heights at night - San Francisco, CA (Taken with instagram)

Breathtaking in person on a crystal clear night; lovely short evening walk

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