10 months ago

Thanksgiving: a spectacular chance stop, breathe, and celebrate life, love, family, friends…the beauty all around us!

Here’s to giving thanks every day and being *extra* grateful today for peas-in-pods, joy, coffee, strength, blue skies, family (of every relation!), and full hearts.

10 months ago

Leaning tower of…*treesa*!

One of my favorite palm trees, seen on the walk back to the house. So grateful for beautiful walks around Mountain Lake and love.

I say this often, but I cannot reiterate it enough - especially on Thanksgiving Eve. So thankful for *all* the varieties of love - from family to friendships to soulmates and self. It is the happy foundation for great adventures!

10 months ago

Twin trees seen near Mountain Lake’s 18th Hole

As Michael J. Fox said, “Family is not an important thing, it’s everything.” So thankful for quality time with new family here and long walks around this beautiful part of Florida. Eagerly awaiting more arrivals and the rest of the holiday season!

11 months ago

Grey skies en route to coffee gave way to a short respite of blue skies; continued rain and snow at elevation forecasted for this afternoon!

Grateful for comfortable rain boots, warm blankets, flexible schedules, local coffee shops, and running into friends

11 months ago

Scenes from Sunday’s afternoon walk

So thankful for every daylight hour, warm layers, step streaks, hot coffee, friendship, making the most of each moment, and love. Above all, love.

11 months ago

Although it’s still too early for sunset, pink cotton candy clouds - glowing above the tree line - joyously usher in the weekend!

11 months ago

Second red cup of the season in an unparalleled setting — thank you, Reno, for possibly the best parking lot views in the country!

Such profound joy when seeing great beauty in the rear view mirror; makes me feel like there is endless, exciting possibility ahead — today: errands and thanks

11 months ago

"The sun always shines above the clouds." — Paul F. Davis

Lake Tahoe skyline; feeling very grateful

Loved seeing happy clouds dancing today, while relishing every daylight hour

11 months ago

Flying into Reno; blue skies, sightings of snow at elevation, and a very happy reunion!

Fall fireworks yesterday; in awe of the rich autumn colors — Washington DC

So thankful for the time spent back east with family; always hard to leave, but it is made easier knowing the next visit is soon and that we all have each other - even when apart!

I spy with my little eye…snow on the mountains in Salt Lake! What will it look like in Tahoe?

Good (early) morning, DCA — Tahoe bound!

First light hastens across the sky; the last of the leaves dance in the autumn breeze — Washington DC

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