11 months ago

Submitted my first Selfie Sunday to Photos Worth Seeing and was thrilled to be featured today.  See below for the post and backstory of the snap.  Thanks, again, to PWS and community for all the support!




This is (one of) my first “selfies” — taken during a weekend of great joy for good friends and family!

Thank you to the whole PWS team for all that you do to celebrate great photography and foster a wonderful community.  Your support has been so appreciated!

snap. eat. love.

Thank you for your selfie submission! We love it!

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11 months ago

I spy with my little eye…snow on the mountains in Salt Lake! What will it look like in Tahoe?

Good (early) morning, DCA — Tahoe bound!

11 months ago

Final shot of a lit, scaffolded Washington Monument and an abstract view of the Lincoln Memorial

So many happy memories driving by these famous sights

12 months ago

Flying proudly above Georgetown — Washington DC

Deep love for this city!

"Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you." —Maori Proverb

This is my favorite tree from my (childhood) home - a graceful Japanese maple that has brought much joy to our lives

12 months ago

“Life is short…Oh, be swift to love, make haste to be kind! ” —Henri-Frédéric Amiel

Nothing like fresh air and an afternoon with family!

12 months ago

Today, I was honored this photograph and snap. eat. love. were featured on PWS: Photos Worth Seeing by Pete; his exquiste photography can be viewed at tvoom photography. I am deeply grateful to him and the teams behind PWS, Lux Lit, Lensblr, The Photographers Society (and other photography collectives) for not only spotlighting original photography, but fostering a community of photographers on Tumblr. I have been inspired, challenged, humbled, and excited by the work I have seen on these sites. Thank you for putting in many hours to showcase great artists and amateurs alike, while connecting people around the world.

On a personal note, while looking through snap. eat. love.'s archives, I know that my own work has been shaped by seeing the art of such amazing photographers. To everyone who has been a supporter — here or in person — my deepest thanks. You continually help me push, develop, and adventure.

Again, thank you, Pete, for your kind words.




From the old grows the new; nature is incredible

A blog like a diary. Seemingly snapshots, but artistically taken. There is no better way to describe this Tumblr, than the words on its main-site:

”(…) learning to mindfully embrace each moment


PWS - Pete

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1 year ago

"All the flowers of tomorrow, are the seeds of today." —Indian Proverb

Beautiful tiny flower spotted on today’s walk in the crisp fall air!
1 year ago

Delicious, special way to recharge and end the week with a new dish (black mission figs with Iberico jamon) at an old favorite (Jaleo)

Today’s view: clear blue skies, positive attitudes, kind advocacy, and lots of love are components of a happy recovery (as observed through the eyes of a visitor!)

1 year ago

Hello and goodbye, beautiful Sierras — seeing snow dotting Mount Rose and fall foliage in Reno refreshed the soul; now retracing yesterday’s journey back to DC for a family emergency. Should be a quick recovery, just want to be there! Thankful to be able to return so quickly and for all the love - family first. Always.

1 year ago

Sun setting over Chicago O’Hare during layover

…very happy to be back! Cannot believe how cold it was in Reno and Tahoe; snow is coming!

Even with a delay, flying out of DCA is beautiful — cannot beat a runway and gate with the US Capitol building in the background

1 year ago

Sunset over Washington DC; spending time with family and friends is just…the best. It has been a very special trip full of love! Very grateful for all the moments, even if (temporary) goodbyes are hard.

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