3 months ago

Summer light — Washington DC (June 2014)

*Third time’s the charm.*

Three surgeries later, my mother achieved bionic status…and she was already a superhero! Yesterday was an all too familiar day of waiting, with the wonderful relief of her coming through it really strong.

Today: taking nothing for granted, appreciating love, and looking forward to being further along the recovery road! Truly, so very grateful; I realize how *fortunate* I am to have the most amazing family and friends.

5 months ago

Lucky penny — seen on floor of surgical recovery unit

…yes please! Wishing good health to all, as well the *deep* love and support we are so fortunate to have in our lives. I have learned (and feel it) from the very best.

Extremely grateful tonight and appreciative of all the kind thoughts.

Looking out

Waiting is the hardest part…especially for someone challenged in the patience department. Big events {i.e. waiting for updates when a loved one is in surgery} remind us just how beautiful *every* moment is. We cannot know with certainty what lies ahead, but celebrating *each* day — each little thing…seeing and appreciating the beauty around us…loving deeply and to the fullest — that is what really *living* means.

I have learned this and so much more from my mother. Her strength, ability to love unconditionally, positivity, determination, courage, brilliance, compassion — all inspire me daily to live and love better and more freely.

Update mid-post: Thankfully, all signs point to a *successful* surgery — here’s to a speedy recovery, conquering fears, and overcoming challenges through love and adventure.

1 year ago

View from Carson Tahoe after surgery; picture taken by husband - requested and edited by me — thankful and very grateful for family, friends, love, support, and health

Update: Apologies for the absence, but I had an unexpected surgery Thursday and will be recovering for several weeks. All will be well, even if progress is slower than I would like it to be. One day at a time! So humbled and thankful for all the love.

Posts may not be as frequent for a bit, but will be back stronger than before — even if I’m missing a (non-essential) organ! For now, just know that I am surrounded by gorgeous, fresh flowers, open windows getting warm mountain air, and counting down to when I can exercise again - my first venture outside (all one-hundred feet of it today) did not really cut it…

…and with that, I will wrap up my 800th post. While this most recent twist was unexpected and not exactly pleasant, I will try my best to embrace it as part of a beautiful adventure.

Thanks, family, friends, followers - your support really does mean the world.

2 years ago

View from appointment at St. Francis Memorial Hospital - SF …please ignore the window streaks! (Taken with instagram)

3 years ago

ER visit on Thursday — little excitement this week; turns out I’m fighting mono. (Taken with instagram)

Sorry for the lack of posts; been pretty exhausted! Hope to be back up and running soon :)

Will post when able — thanks for following!

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