5 months ago

Beauty and strength after the rain — Washington DC

"Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain." — Vivian Greene

Last week, during cherry blossom season, a large storm rocked the city with hours of steady, non-stop rain and wind. The next day, blue skies appeared and these delicate blossoms remained — steadfast and beautiful — even after the deluge.

I have been thinking of those blossoms this week, while battling severe symptoms {manifestations of my genetic disorder introduced in this earlier post}.  The blossoms reminded me that the storm will pass and, in the meantime, I must remember to keep “dancing in the rain!”

I am so grateful, this week, for *unconditional* love; heating pads and ice packs; time with family, including introducing my mother to “House of Cards”; friends who *really* understand, even when long-standing, exciting plans have to be cancelled because your body is not working; laughter; unexpected urban rainbows; green beans, warm-for-the-body-good-for-the-soul soup, and sweet potatoes (oh, I cannot overstate my gratitude for sweet potatoes); and true love.

I know I said love twice, but love — in all of its forms — familial, friend, love love…it is what empowers and protects, even from pain.  I am so very fortunate.  Sending out happy thoughts and lots of love.

6 months ago

Lake Tahoe near Bliss Creek (March 2014)

Rich emerald greens and blues — striking snow-capped mountains — crisp, invigorating air - Tahoe is truly captivating.  It has (quickly) become an incredibly special place…and not *just* because of the stunning surroundings, but the vibrant, passionate, interesting community here.  Exploring and appreciating the surroundings is made all the better with great company, and preparing to leave for a few weeks made me realize just how *fortunate* I am.

…and with that, the bags are (mostly!) packed.  Cannot wait to embark in a few hours on a whirlwind trip filled with family, adventures, celebrations, (hopefully) lots of laughter, and, of course, love!

7 months ago

Trail towards Bliss Creek — Lake Tahoe - March 2014

"I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads. Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it." —Rosalia de Castro

Love exploring new trails — both literally and metaphorically. Transitioning and starting something new can be *daunting* and even overwhelming, but it almost *always* leads to (unimaginably) wonderful things.

7 months ago

Beach near Bliss Creek — Lake Tahoe

Perfect adventure exploring Lake Tahoe’s shores on a sunny Sunday — hiking, laughing, navigating snow patches, watching frolicking dogs, scrambling over rocks — just soaking in Tahoe!

So grateful for good friends…and lots of love.

More pictures to come!

10 months ago

Being on the beach (in a jacket!) on the last day of November — magical

11 months ago

From snowy Tahoe pines to sunny Florida palms

A beautiful twenty-four hours *made* by quality time with family! Looking forward to a wonderful holiday week — feeling deeply grateful

11 months ago

Though a hectic week, grateful for productivity and reminders of the preciousness of each moment!

11 months ago

Second red cup of the season in an unparalleled setting — thank you, Reno, for possibly the best parking lot views in the country!

11 months ago

"Time is the friend of the wonderful company, the enemy of the mediocre." — Warren Buffet

After seeing an inspirational three-generation interview with Warren Buffet and family last night, this quote seemed fitting for this picture from today’s walk.  While the context above was (likely) business, his words can be applied to all aspects of life and relationships.  Make each day extraordinary in some way.

Make the unbelievable believable…while still letting the magic take your breath away.

1 year ago

Today’s view: clear blue skies, positive attitudes, kind advocacy, and lots of love are components of a happy recovery (as observed through the eyes of a visitor!)

1 year ago

There is something magical about the air here; there are moments that just move you with beauty

Left: Dusk glowing through the trees

Right:  Blue skies smiling…

1 year ago

Ominous clouds (hours) before an epic downpour with a radiant patch of blue sky…blue skies smiling!

1 year ago

Wispy clouds rising above the trees - not a bad POV from a parking lot :)

1 year ago

Tiny purple flowers seen during another short recovery walk - loving Tahoe summers

1 year ago

View from Carson Tahoe after surgery; picture taken by husband - requested and edited by me — thankful and very grateful for family, friends, love, support, and health

Update: Apologies for the absence, but I had an unexpected surgery Thursday and will be recovering for several weeks. All will be well, even if progress is slower than I would like it to be. One day at a time! So humbled and thankful for all the love.

Posts may not be as frequent for a bit, but will be back stronger than before — even if I’m missing a (non-essential) organ! For now, just know that I am surrounded by gorgeous, fresh flowers, open windows getting warm mountain air, and counting down to when I can exercise again - my first venture outside (all one-hundred feet of it today) did not really cut it…

…and with that, I will wrap up my 800th post. While this most recent twist was unexpected and not exactly pleasant, I will try my best to embrace it as part of a beautiful adventure.

Thanks, family, friends, followers - your support really does mean the world.

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